Ethnic Studies


Interested in understanding the origins of race and racism in American society? Interested in how we as a society can strive for racial and social justice for all? Ethnic Studies is the interdisciplinary study of race and ethnicity, as understood through the perspectives of major underrepresented racial groups in the United States.

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Ethnic Studies is the study of race and ethnicity with a focus on the experiences of people of color within the United States in history up to the present. By looking at the role played by race and ethnicity in American society, Ethnic Studies provides an important means to examine and contextualize what is happening right now in the United States—and why it is happening. Ethnic Studies explores race and ethnicity as categories of difference and how these categories have they been defined, constructed, and applied in different places and at different times. As a student, you will draw upon many disciplines and areas of thought to question the origin and continuity of race and racism. Through this understanding, students will recognize that progressive change is possible.

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Ethnic Studies is not a degree granting program at IVC.

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Ethnic Studies is a major taught at most four-years in California, including most UCs and CSUs.

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