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If you have your bachelor’s degree, IVC can assist you in meeting the educational requirement to become a licensed California Certified Public Accountant (“CPA”).

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Once a student has completed the IVC 30 to CPA program and if the student has taken the other requisite courses, the student will be qualified to sit for the CPA exam. There are a variety of opportunities for CPA’s. 


Upon completion of the program and depending on the courses the student has already completed, the student may be eligible to sit for the California CPA exam.  

Transfer Options

Not applicable. This program is designed for students who already have their bachelor’s degree to meet the educational requirements to sit for the CPA exam as well as meeting the educational requirements to become a licensed CPA.

Program Specific Support

The two full time faculty members in the accounting department (“Accounting Faculty”) are available to assist students with evaluating their coursework to date to determine what courses need to be taken. The Accounting Faculty ask the students to list out all courses taken to date at other schools on a spreadsheet (courses passed / course name / units) prior to meeting with the Accounting Faculty to more quickly evaluate the student’s needed coursework. 

Please see the following website for additional information: http://www.ivc.edu/faculty/btchaikovsky/Pages/default.aspx.

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