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Learn how to be an information ninja! Library and Information Science will prepare you to be a more successful student with the option of pursuing a career as an information professional.

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If you like finding the truth, solving puzzles, and helping people, then Library and Information Science (LIS) might be for you! LIS professionals do much more than check out books. In fact, there are multiple career paths requiring different levels of education. Students may use their coursework immediately by working as a Library Assistant or Technologist. Students wishing to pursue a career as a librarian or professor of LIS will need a Master’s in LIS. Librarians do not just work in libraries, they may also have a specialization and work in museums, law firms, hospitals, large corporations or universities. Become a library professional and help people find the information they need!

Library courses help all students obtain the essential research skills required to be successful. In particular, transfer students will be expected to be ready to conduct their own research using library databases and credible online sources. 

Transfer Options

LIB 10: Introduction to Information Literacy and Research, LIB 11: Introduction to Electronic Databases and LIB 20H: Advanced Research and Information Competency are all UC and CSU transferable. Students planning to transfer to a 4-year college are highly encouraged to enroll in a library course. All transfer students will be expected to know how to conduct research and properly cite their sources. Students wishing to prepare for a career in Library and Information Science, may obtain an undergraduate degree in any discipline prior to starting graduate work for a Masters of Library and Information Science (MLIS) at an American Libraries Association (ALA) accredited university. There are a number of online programs, the largest in California is at San Jose State University’s School of Library and Information Science (SLIS). Both UCLA and USC offer in-person masters degrees in Information Science. 

Program Specific Support

Research librarians are available to provide individual and group student support that includes personalized research assistance, evaluating sources for credibility and citation formatting. 

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