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Artistic people are very creative, original, and individualistic. They like to be different and strive to stand out from the crowd. They like to express their personalities by creating new and different things with words; with music; with materials, through painting, carving, sculpturing, engraving, crafting, etc.; and with physical expression, as in acting and dancing.


Conventional people are well-organized, persistent, and practical in their approach to life. They enjoy clerical and computational activities performed according to set procedures. They are dependable, efficient, and conscientious in accomplishing the tasks in which they engage. They enjoy the security of belonging to groups and organizations and make good team members.


Enterprising people are self-confident, outgoing, and optimistic. They like to organize, direct, and control the activities of groups. They are ambitious and like to be in positions of authority. They place a high value on status, power, money, and material possessions. They like to feel that they are in control of situations and are responsible for making things happen.


Investigative people are naturally curious and inquisitive. They have a need to understand, explain, and predict the things that go on around them. They are scholarly and scientific in their attempts to understand things and tend to be pessimistic and critical when non-scientific, simplistic, or supernatural explanations are suggested by others.


Realistic people are attracted to outdoor, mechanical and physical activities, hobbies, and occupations. They like to work with things, objects, and animals rather than with ideas, data, and people. They tend to have mechanical and athletic abilities and are usually strong and well-coordinated.


Social people are friendly and outgoing. They are cooperative and enjoy working with and being around other people. They are understanding and insightful concerning the feelings and problems of others. They like to be helpful to others by serving in facilitative roles such as those of teachers, mediators, advisers, counselors, etc.


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